Preschool, Pre-K,TK, Kindergarten
The early childhood years are the most important and influential time in a child’s life, and provide the best opportunity to cultivate an enduring…
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First Grade through Fifth Grade
In the Grammar stage – the developmental building block of all learning – elementary aged students are eager to learn…
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Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
In the Logic stage of the middle school years, students have begun to question “why.” They are analyzing the world around them and developing…
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Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade
In the Rhetoric stage of the high school years, students are continually synthesizing information and learning how to present…
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What is Classical Education?

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Horizon Prep’s Christ-centered classical education model has flourished in Western culture for centuries and embraces the study of literature, language, science, mathematics, philosophy, history, and the arts. Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric phases form the foundation of this consistent pedagogy and shape our teaching approach at every grade level.

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Open Houses

Upcoming Open House & Admission Events

11/17 Tue School of Rhetoric
EXPO Night
6:00 pm
12/15 Tue   9:00 am*
1/10 Sun   1:00 pm
1/19 Tue   9:00 am*
2/8 Mon   6:00 pm
3/8 Tues   9:00 am*

*Childcare Provided

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